Wednesday, February 4, 2009

why no jogging?

in the fall I was writing about all my fabulous jogs and suddenly I'm not, and you my dear reader are losing sleep wondering what happened to all the jogging.

My left knee is what happened, it started hurting, in fact it had been hurting or maybe shall we say uncomfortable for a while, but then it was actually hurting, so it seemed the smartest thing to stop jogging. I went to see a doctor person who said there was nothing terribly wrong with it as far as she could see (she didn't look that hard) and I should walk a brisk hour a day till the knee was better, and I have been.

The brisk hour a day is actually very enjoyable, and I often combine it with meeting a friend or two and I see different parts of the city and it's also coinciding with my renewed Weight Watcher success - in some ways it's easier to deal with the even daily tempo of an hourlong walk every day, rather than a jog every other day and figuring out what to do with the in-between days.

I think the long runs and possibly even more than that the faster pace I was so proud of sometimes attaining took their toll. Also quite possibly the cobblestones and other very hard surfaces I spent a lot of time on. I got new shoes which helped a little but not enough.

So . . . if/when my knee lets me start again, I'll go back to my almost impossibly gentle pace and I'll look for softer surfaces. Not sure whether I'll stick with shorter jogs or find myself irresistibly seduced by the pleasure of going on and on and on . . .

Are you jogging, my friends? Cynthia? Lyn? Jenny, I know you're jogging, but are you reading this? Sarah M.?

Think of me if you do!

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