Wednesday, February 25, 2009

p.s. re what it cost

a committed and caring reader of this blog asked me why I saw fit to publicly list my expenses when I was out on the town last Friday. 

He said it wasn't clear from the post what I was thinking, which was this:

isn't it interesting that just because I'm spending the day downtown instead of home, it costs a euro to go to the bathroom and two euros to use the internet for an hour, instead of nothing?

isn't it interesting that because I'm out and about (and the weather is miserable), I have to go into a coffeeshop and spend a euro or two (and be a little humiliated) to buy a cup of tea so I have a place to sit and write some things for a little while?

and useful to note to myself that I nosed around the secondhand store for at least half an hour just because I saw it, and spent my 21 euros just because I was there and found a couple of things that seemed vaguely interesting? (I still buy things just because they appear to fit when I try on ten things and eight do not fit.)

oh, and I forgot 6 euros for a little stationery box with a wonderful magnetic lid that was supposed to cost 11.90 but it was a little scuffed, and I only wanted the box, and it had stationery in it but they didn't have any without so in a huge department store the salesman actually suggested he'd sell it to me for less, which seemed a minor miracle to me. (The box was to put the postcards in, the postcards were what I had been writing in the cafe, and the postcards, written on, and in their box, were a little souvenir from Portugal for young not-so-baby niece Fanny.)

and maybe, too, the listing of what I spent during the day was just a little organizational gimmick as a way to remember and tell about what I did on my day out, which is quite different from a day in, such as today is shaping up to be.

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