Friday, February 20, 2009

two or three shoutouts

hello and love to dear neighbor Susan, still slowly recovering, I hope it's going well. 
hello and love to my sister, I think you read me on the weekends mostly.
hello and love to Alexandra, possibly a new reader?
dear parents, lots of love, much luck with the current challenges.
dear Cynthia and Kim, my dedicated readers and noticers, thank you for reading and commenting!

am I forgetting somebody? Ellen, are you back? Greetings to you all out there. I get confused and I know I'm still very imperfect at this form, but it's been such a help to me working things out, and I appreciate your patience. 

And Sue of course, my dear, my newish reader, I am so looking forward to messing with words with you when I return to Bloomington. 
And Amani, if you're peeking in, hello and good morning.

And to all of you about whom I don't even know you're reading, hello and I'm glad you are reading.


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