Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to my #1 niece

Amani traveler of watching ancestor families,
Amani of break steps and weight changes in four-beat measures,
miked on musical stages, Amani of libraries.
Of words, Amani, early and many, booked and spoken and accented
coming words, going words, pushing and pulling the world words.

Amani of almost-Jinja expected, of narrow Guernsey toddled,
Amani of Lutterworth speech and crayons, Lutterworth baby brother grown towering
Amani of longtime Houston and sudden sunny Addis
Amani sixteen in Austin. Pause, tap.


Amani of you can do anything, girl-child of you will dance far, bearer of ancestor
hopes, weights, pride. Kick, girl. Happy birthday!

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