Wednesday, February 25, 2009

life at home

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

domestic day, I guess. Just came in here (light-filled living room) from the kitchen, where there the swish-swash of the dishwasher I just started, a kind of fizzing sound from the pot I put on to boil so I could start potatoes for Felix's lunch (they get fried later), and then a heroic rising "I'm here!" of the electric kettle for my tea.

I wanted to start the day working on financial aid applications for our life next year when we are parents of a person in college (I started to write "child in college" but it wasn't quite right). And was thwarted by what is supposed to make your life easier - we filled out all these forms last year and we're already in their system but you have to know / remember the user id and password from last year and I couldn't find them anywhere, and of course it won't be 8 a.m. on the East Coast for several more hours so I have to cool my heels. I called Max at his bakery (so excellent to be able to call my son at 9 a.m. and know he's been awake for hours already) to ask if he had any ideas; he just got back to me with some possibilities so I'll go work on those forms in a minute.

I want to do a quick shopping before Felix comes home from school. I could zoom out, do the shopping, and zoom back (the zooming is all done on my feet of course) and be back here in an hour at the most. I've been thinking about the difference between this and shopping in Bloomington. I also got frustrated there fitting in the shopping, but somehow it was less of a deal, even though I usually figured an hour at least there too, what with driving to Mr. D's and going all around the store, paying, and driving home. There's something about having to put on all the clothes I need for a walk out in the cold - is that what makes it feel more of a hurdle? I don't know, I just know I postpone and postpone and then I think: whoops, can't go now, it's too late and I wouldn't be back before Felix gets home from school.

And one last thing: have I mentioned the fabulous garbage/compost/recycling setup here? In Berkeley last summer we thought it was so cool that you could put our your organic garbage / compost as a separate thing. Well here there's all of that, plus a huge bin for bottles of different colors, plus a huge bin for paper, plus a huge bin for "packaging" which includes plastic and styrofoam and things like that. And then of course, there's regular left-over garbage, but it's amazing how little that ends up being when there are so many other places to put everything else.

Off to work on the financial aid if the passwords get me in. Wish me luck. Tonight is play-reading group, looking forward to it.

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