Saturday, February 14, 2009

in Liston, thinking about freedom and lightness in Bloomington

sell the house and rent an apartment downtown

sell the car and get a moped, helmets for all, take a taxi

keep the friends, can't really live and be happy, grounded, well without them, too lonely without them, keep and embrace the friends, they are the richness and the resource and the family far from family, and while resting in their embrace also go prowling for new friends, old, young, crazy, poor, hardworking, scattered

move to Indianapolis I thought for a minute, at least it's a city, but no we can't imagine that. 

start new salons in our living room / start play-reading group / poetry-reading group / the French poetry-reading group I've always talked about

build a gazebo, put planters in the windows, start composting in the backyard, start gardening in the back yard

write songs

those last couple don't really increase freedom and lightness maybe but they increase newness and aliveness. I'm coming back to sell the car because sell the house seems a little unlikely, besides we have that salon-ready living room.

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Alexandra said...

I always find that going away turns the staying at home inside out. But would that not happen whereever one lived? Freedom and lightness is always the promise of bringing a bit of somewhere else back to one's burdened and deep rutted home tracks. I always imagine that I am going to set the table with a big bottle of sparkling water just like the French. It lasts about a week and then I'm back to old habits.