Friday, February 13, 2009

Tim Fischer, glorious night out

Just got back from a night at the Bar jeder Vernunft ("bar of every reason" / "barring all reason"), a fabulous pillowy tented space in the middle of town near my sister-in-law's place, where we went to hear Tim Fischer, again. Did I write about this in the fall? In the fall he was singing Zarah Leander; tonight it was Georg Kreisler, of whom we had never heard but who wrote such timeless classics as "let's go poison the pigeons in the park".

Had a fabulous time. The man has an amazingly agile and endlessly moveable face, a wonderful way of articulating the old songs that play with German and make it fun (and he updates them as necessary).

Off to Lisbon in the morning, 'night all!

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