Thursday, February 5, 2009

I got flamed in real life!

So 25 random things about me is this list you fill out on Facebook, and one friend tagged me (if you don't know, it's a little like a chain letter - you fill it out, you send it on to other people and they write up a list for themselves, etcetera). I haven't done it yet but was thinking about it, and in the meantime noticed that more and more of my (very few, 20 so far I think) friends on Facebook were doing it.

Then yesterday in the New York Times there was an article about this list and how unbelievably fast it's growing and taking over cyberspace and Facebook, and how Facebook has never had an application get added by so many people so quickly. 

And I mentioned this to some people near and dear to me and they just exploded in scorn and contempt. I ask you! Why, I wonder. I tried to say something about how I thought it could be an interesting thing, and tried to tell them what some of the reasonably thoughtful comments in the New York Times article were. (near and dear, if you're reading this, I did think the flaming was weird)

Anyway, I don't seem to have succeeded in really talking about it on my terms. I think I'll just go do the list sometime today. I'm working on my boundaries, can you tell, and not being defined by other people's responses to things. One reason I suspended my blog in the fall was a few negative responses by (completely other) near and dear ones, and I finally decided no, I really want to write this and it makes me happy and keeps me connected to some important people. (It also helped that there were other people who had positive responses and asked about it!)

So that was a funny thing. Anyone else have experience with the 25 random things about me list, or thoughts about it, or experience with people who have really, really strong reactions to things?

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