Friday, February 20, 2009

little humiliation(s) of the day

sitting in an internet cafe next to McDonald's across from the Zoo train station. German keyboard, so I may not be able to fix all the ys that come out zs and vice versa, but I'll try.

went to little cafe near sister-in-law's house to write some things. asked what the deal was after I ordered my mint tea - should I go sit down or should I wait there for the tea.

go sit down I was told so I did. When the tea came it came with a little lecture - is this your first time in this cafe? yes? OK, so you couldn't know - next time, please take your tea to the table yourself. (I'm thinking, why do I bother asking?)

So after I did mz tea drinking, finished mz writing I wanted to do, I went back up to pay, and then I wanted to go back to leave a little something on the table because I couldn't find a place to do that at the counter where I paid - a few coins. And the table I'd been at was in a tiny corner bz the door, and of course I was there with my huge backpack, and trying to pull out a few coins and find just the right one and so the lady comes up behind me and sazs, zou're standing in a particularlz inconvenient place (she said "unguenstig" which is something like not the most useful, helpful place) - and I thought thanks loads, lady, see how hard I try to pull a tip out of mz pocket next time. It just didn't make me feel that much like going back!

Then it took me many streets, many askings,many wrong turns till I found this internet cafe.

However my little writing group, started bz me and meeting each Friday morning at a different cafe, was as usual very nice this morning and it was fun and satisfying to write and read with these other women. So the day's not a total loss. Gray, yes. Sleety-rainy and slushy, yes. But still not a total loss.

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