Sunday, October 26, 2008

p.s. re planning meals

This week's resolution, by the way, is to plan my meals out a little further ahead. I tend to go to the store, see a bunch of foods that look promising and/or look for ones I've heard or thought about at a  meeting or elsewhere, and then buy a bunch of things that are good for me to eat.

But then there they all are and they're going bad or they have to be processed so I either have to throw them out or I have to eat them all at once and then I've eaten way too much or I haven't eaten any of them or I have to spend a huge amount of time processing them, and then there's still too much.

So this week, I said out loud in the meeting and I wrote it down for the leader and I put it in practice when I got home, I'm planning meals. I wrote down on one page of my notebook a lot of different foods I'd like to eat and buy and cook and all; on another page I wrote down what days and meals there are to be dealt with (we were going to be going out a lot), and then I made a little calendar grid and started planning meals for different times.

Didn't get the whole week planned and gridded out but it did help, did get me making more different things, including even some things to share with the family (hooray!), and buying less all at a time, and even making some things in smaller quantities. I'm trying to use the existence of the lists and the grids to assuage my anxiety that if I don't buy whatever it is right now, I'll forget to ever buy it.

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