Friday, October 17, 2008

Little update from the green woods, rapidly turning red and yellow

Running off in a few minutes for an all-afternoon boat trip with hubby's institute, followed by an all-weekend gospel workshop at a church far-ish away - so won't be here to write. 

Several things I've been wanting to write but this ain't them. This is just hello - still struggling to find my place and purpose, still jogging, still bobbing in place weight watcher wise (weirdest thing - I exercised SOO much Tuesday and Wednesday and lost nothing; Thursday for complicated reasons [OK, not that complicated, lack of sleep plus unpleasant family fight] I ate tons of cookies and sweets all afternoon, and gained nothing - what is that all about?).

Sent son #1 back home to Bloomington for ten days, yesterday. Son #2 starts a 2-week break today. 

Myself #1 joined a Nordic Walking group on Wednesday, walking through the woods while jabbing long poles into the ground with every step. Due to the gentle gorgeousness of the changing colors in the pointillist woods (I think it was all the individual leaves in the far background in every direction as far as you could see, with winding paths disappearing here and there) I was very happy to be there - didn't actually make any new friends but pleasantries were exchanged. 

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