Sunday, October 26, 2008


Last time I posted re Weight Watchers, I think, I was on this trajectory where I was losing a kilo a day for a few days in a row. I was already worrying about how I would explain the 7-kilo weight loss after a week.

Well, it didn't happen that way, and in fact it's been up and down. I'm slowly, slowly lowering my weight, with some upward bumps. I've done a few things differently. 

I've tried just eating what my family's eating, when we go out. That was interesting. 

I've tried using the German weight watcher system where certain foods you can eat as much as you need or want to be satisfied in a meal, with a flat point rate for those. That's actually doing me well. (Can you say that?) I think I end up eating better, and mostly, I crave less in the way of in-between snacks.

As always, if I get my sleep I do so much better re not needing snacks.

Of course, if I ever get back to writing or editing in a serious way I'm going to have to deal with the problem there that I find is almost impossible not to want to be chewing on something while I'm trying to write or edit. 

I do find it interesting that there is still so much more to learn. And, I guess a little more understandably, there are still so many ways in which I can work on changing habits. This is year 5 of the great Weight Watcher go-round. Year 1 I just lost weight every week, for a total of 80 pounds. Year 2 I just treaded water basically but ended up about 10 or so pounds heavier by the end of the year, maybe it was 20. (Clarification: Felix is reading over my shoulder and points out this could be misread: I was 10 or 20 pounds heavier than at the end of year 1.) And so on like that. In year 3 I read new books, learned some new things. Towards the end of year 3 I set a new goal, in year 4 I met it and was redefined as a success for having lost and kept off 75 pounds, rather than as a failure for not having lost 90 pounds. In year 5 I started trying to keep a journal that was going to help in many ways. And of course, in year 5, knowing full well that I had knocked myself out to establish routines that worked for me, I came to Berlin, to knock all my routines sideways.

Wish me luck! This morning I weighed 81.7 (I think) kilos with nothing on. When I start weighing 82 kilos or less at the meeting, with my clothes AND shoes on and post-breakfast and post-jog, then I don't have to pay for the meetings. In Bloomington I hadn't been paying in a while.

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