Saturday, October 11, 2008

baby blogs?

not as in blogs about babies, but as in babies of blogs. Like offspring. Like offshoots. I was thinking I'd like to go into really, super excruciating detail about, say, what I eat, why I eat it, when I eat it, what its points are, how the whole weight thing connects up.

And I'd like to go into really excruciating detail likewise about my jogs, though there's not quite as much there to report.

But anyway, I thought this would be a huge bore to anybody out there reading this. Maybe. So first I thought I could do a thing where, say, Tuesdays I do the food and weight watcher blog; Wednesdays I do the jog blog; Fridays I do a poetry blog (a poem that pulls together all the many long masses of words in the previous week's blogging); maybe Saturdays a family blog and then Mondays a what's-ahead-for-the-week blog? Concentrating on writing plans but also everything else?

But the alternative that I think maybe I like more (or maybe it isn't even an alternative, maybe it's just something I can do in addition) is to add blogs, which appears to be easy as pie here on google even if they do occasionally threaten to shut me down, and even if it is hard-to-impossible for most of my friends and family to comment here (sorry about this! I promise to look into what's involved!). 

Anyway, so I could have one whole blog where I just write about what I'm eating and the points and why and how and when and where and all the relevant stuff. Might not be of interest to anyone in the universe except me, but it would be of interest to me and others could peek in. 

And another blog with the jogging.

And another blog with the planning, including writing planning. (I have even thought, on and off over the last few days, about working on my novel as a blog - how unbelievably transparent would that be!? - but I don't think I quite dare.)


So that's the thinking for today. I could still do a resume in this blog once a week of each. But especially the food one I'm thinking could be very good for me indeed.

So that's the thought for today. I want to write to some old friends today in various places and mention the blog to them - Nadine, Catherine, Adam and Nina, Kim, for starters. (That's south of France, Bloomington, New York, Hamburg.) So hi to youse guys (and Boo, I'm going to send you your own link today too). And Ruthy in Austin and Cynthia in Berkeley, if you're still reading, love to you both too.

Love to all my people. Emotions are raw and up and down. Yesterday a big (what? explosion? breakdown? not sure what to call it) anyway, lots of tears. Dear hubby was patient and helpful and was able to name what I think I was coming to but not so precisely, namely that I haven't been accomplishing anything, haven't been having successes, and that is not very satisfying! 

When I write this blog it makes me happy, even though I am also embarrassed by some of the stuff I write and have written. When I write other stuff I'm happy too. So I am going to work on the writing.

Signing off now!

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