Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Burn After Reading - we liked it!

I don't like Coen Brothers movies usually. Way too violent for me.

We tried to see it last weekend with Eyal but it was sold out (so we went for a walk in his neighborhood instead, where I spotted that the local Gethsemane Church was having a gospel workshop next weekend, which I am now signed up for! did I mention this already? but that's another story).

So we went last night. Pulled in three different ways and times - all on the U-Bahn but Eyal came from his neighborhood early enough to buy us tickets (thank you, Eyal), I came zooming out from the Hilton Hotel's Trader Vic's Lounge where I had been getting to know the Berlin International Women's Club, and hubby came from home (missed his bus, dashed home for the bike, rode it to the U-Bahn, and joined us).

I'm trying to tell about the movie but I can't get there! Huge movie theater in the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz, lots going on there, really a glorious place to look at, we love to go there and look up at the multicolored color-changing pointy-weird-architected dome high above the square, it's kind of amazing actually coming from the U-Bahn because you walk across a huge open empty windswept plaza and people are streaming into the Sony Center from everywhere.

Anyway! Eyal got there in time to buy us tickets. It was very full. Burn After Reading was being shown in English with no subtitles, which is why we'd gone all the way there. We got reserved seats. Eyal and I practiced what hubby told us he'd learned from his sister - when you push past seated people to your own seat late, always face the seated people, never put your back to them. In Germany.

And the movie was great fun. I thought it was left completely unresolved - there was bureaucratic resolution, sure, which for some reason hubby and Eyal thought was acceptable, but there was zero human resolution, and I do *not* think the two women got what they wanted. But it was great fun watching John Malkovich. I didn't think it was such fun watching Frances McDormand, to whom I had so looked forward (I remember first really noticing her in Something's Gotta Give, which we saw with Jenny, Michael, and Julia in Bloomington, and Julia later looking up for me all the movies she was in). But again, hubby disagrees, he thought Frances McDormand was also great.

I do not get the idea that Brad Pitt is supposed to be gorgeous. George Clooney, yes. But I didn't find George Clooney so interesting to watch. But John Malkovich was absolutely and totally amazing.

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elena said...

wow, what a fun post to read..I haven't yet seen the movie, but will now see it with images of the movie in berlin, and you pushing forward, never showing your back!

can't wait to get back and read your other posts,too, catching up since the blogger block!