Sunday, October 26, 2008

personal update

your friendly blogger went deep underground, as you'll see from the dates. (Actually, I guess I should say what the date and time is since the computer labels it weirdly. It's Sunday morning, October 26th, at 11:01 a.m. Except that my own computer seems to think daylight saving was rescinded last night, which it maybe was in the States but in Berlin it won't be till next week, so my computer is saying 10:02 now.)

Also, very hard to think, because 11-year-old Felix is sitting with the other laptop in his lap looking at New York Times electoral maps and with the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper in his hand, very excited and engaged and interested in numbers and probabilities and projections about the presidential race. Loudly. With constant comments.

Life has been wild and woolly, with highs (gospel choir weekend workshop last weekend; three-hour walk Friday with new friend; 7.5-kilometer race in the Berlin festival of lights with sis-in-law last night after dark with lit-up buildings around [ran faster than before]) and lows (notably a terrible Monday when I was ready to leave town, leave my marriage, leave everything) - but fortunately the low was so low that I went into high gear looking for help, and am getting it. Including from friends, thank you so much friends. 

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