Friday, June 5, 2009

Judy Pennington and the magic running shoes

Actually, I think she might call them tennis shoes. Judy Pennington is the petite and put-together and ever-upbeat Weight Watcher leader who presided over year 1 of my weight loss in Bloomington (when I lost 80 pounds, as opposed to the following various 4 years, in which I gained 10, or stayed the same, or lost 5, or whatever).

And Judy has always been full of inspirational things to say, and as Boo-who-modeled-weight-loss-for-me always said, there's a *reason* they call them truisms! They're true!

But Judy also said a lot of things I'd never heard before, and told us stories from her life, and one of the ones that I think of most often has to do with her running shoes. She used to be a runner, then she gained weight and wasn't one anymore, and then she wanted to run again but didn't get going and didn't get going - and finally she started putting her running shoes right next to her bed at night. Then when she got up in the morning the first thing she did was put on the running shoes, and after that, how hard is it to actually put on the rest of the things and leave the house?

Oh, Judy, too true too true. And I use this for so many things. I want for instance to blog, just a little bit of blogging every day, and do I do it? no, of course not, as you so well know. But when I finally do get the blogging happening, what I do is: I just open up the dashboard - and then, and then, after that it's easy! So the trick is: I tell myself I'm just going to open up the dashboard and I won't write anything just yet. So that makes it easy to open it up in the first place, if you see what I mean. 

And likewise, to get to my editorial desk and actually start moving through the manuscript for the day, oh there are so many ways to procrastinate (thank you Susan, my Scrabble playmate), and yet at some point (which is surely going to be any minute now) I just put my body over there in the chair and tell myself I'm going to just start looking at the manuscript to see where I left off - or I'm just going to do one or two pages and then I'll see - and then, and then, I'm off and running.

See you at the races, thank you Judy thank you, and happy weekend everybody!

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