Friday, June 19, 2009


So does this happen to any of you? You're unloading the clean dishwasher, and you put a couple of things on the counter instead of into the cupboard where they belong, briefly, for some reason, and before you know it you're confused and you're putting them from the counter back into the dishwasher - and then because you're loading the dishwasher now, not unloading it, you start putting other (dirty) dishes that are around into the dishwasher, and pretty soon you have a dishwasher full of a few dirty dishes and a bunch of others that used to be clean but are now contaminated by the drippage from all the dirty ones?

(No, me neither, but when I woke up this morning from my nice long sleep I had dreamt it so vividly I was quite annoyed with myself - the half that wasn't amused.)

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