Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm baaaack! and I had such a good night's sleep! (and happy travels to elenabella!)

Went to bed well before ten last night (tucked Felix in next to me - only good way to get him to go to bed early really) after blogging, and set the alarm for 11:15 this morning just so I wouldn't sleep ALL day.

Woke up, and I swear I looked at the clock and it was 10-ish, and I lay there and thought, wow, I slept a really long time - and I luxuriated in that, and felt stiff from all the sleeping, and thought about getting up, and luxuriated some more, and then I did get up: and it was 7:30! What was that all about?

So still, it was just about ten hours I think and now I just have to do some stretching, but what I really wanted to say was: how could I leave elenabella off my list of readers, elenabella who got me started and inspired me and whose aesthetically pleasing blog always pops up at me from the dashboard when I go to write my own? Who sends me little notes to say she's reading? 

Maybe it was just a little subconscious thing because I had just seen, starting from that very dashboard, that she was off to the continent I'm on and was leaving behind the virtual updates she is otherwise so reliable in maintaining. So Ellena Bellena, if you're reading this, have a fabulous trip - sorry we're finally not connecting but may all go wonderfully well! See you back in Bloomington! And everybody else, you can go read back posts at - I just watched the video of Obama swatting a fly (Ellen is waaaaay more technologically sophisticated than I) there, and I can see why PETA is up in arms. 

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