Friday, June 5, 2009

The dollhouse

Fanny's two today, happy birthday Fanny, and I got an old and big and roomy and wonderful dollhouse for cheap in a secondhand store, and some dolls and furniture too which are quite wonderful I think, and we just have to fix up the house - I got sandpaper, paint, paintbrushes, and screws today and we're going to fix it tonight and see Fanny tomorrow.

What fun! I'm so pleased, I don't really want to give Fanny the dollhouse, I want to keep it myself! (OK, not really, I don't begrudge it her at all but still . . . )

If I was clever like elenabella I'd probably put a picture of it here but I have no concept, so please forgive me. Maybe in blog 2.0 that will be something I know how to do. (Ask me if I can even text from my cellphone - or don't ask, just guess the answer.)

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