Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what I like to do while jogging

I have this weird feeling I've written this before, but maybe just because I've thought about writing it?

What I like to do while jogging:

- mental arithmetic, preferably complicated (if possible, something to do with the minutes and the steps on my pedometer, and the time, and various distances posted around me)
- go through in my mind the family's and my own personal upcoming calendar and dates and discover conflicting dates (I don't actually like discovering conflicting dates but I like that I can do this at this time and potentially deal with conflicts before they arise)
- watch other people's beautiful, huge, tiny, yappy, black, white, old, and young dogs
- discover new sections of the rather enormous Grunewald (I'm avoiding city streets as much as possible and keeping to the woods for the sake of my knees - I'm so happy to be jogging again and don't want to have to stop again)
- plan events, parties, gifts, trips, and pieces of writing

When I'm walking I tend to read or talk on the phone if I possibly can; when I'm jogging I cannot do that and I really don't like to do the iPod thing (my family would say I don't know how but that is just because I haven't wanted to) while jogging, so therefore the only thing left to do is to think!

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