Friday, April 24, 2009

blog posts

Will I blog these blog posts? I sent Felix off to school, put Sheldon on a bus to the airport, and my real plan was for a nap and then blogging, but here I still am in the living room with the laptop on my lap, almost 11 a.m. After my nap I was going to blog so before my nap I will say what I might blog post nap!

Conversations with Sheldon
Lysistrata in Sabine's attic apartment
Does a mother of sons feel younger than a mother of daughters (p.s. to conversations with Sheldon)?
Happiness and contentment
Finished our marriage book (not unrelated to happiness and contentment)
Last Sunday with golden delightful not-quite-two Fanny, feeding the ducks
Writing groups - making them, nurturing them, e-mailing them . . .

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