Saturday, April 11, 2009

leaving the house is like writing a blog post?

It's just a theory. Both are sometimes hard for me. In different ways. Writing a blog post is a weird thing where for days I don't (can't? have difficulty?) (my mother just informed me on our video chat my last post was April 2nd, saved me the trouble of looking it up) post, and then once I start it suddenly seems not so hard to do and I can / could / would write five posts, seven posts, ten of them, or two or three super long ones.

But of course that's not very helpful, is it? Nor particularly easy on you, my long-suffering readers. Nor very clever as a way to keep people coming back (the ideal idea, I know that, is to write a little bit every day so you can have a thing you do every day: let me go see what languagemurph has written!) - and my real-life and also blogging friend and mentor elenabella has something she was able to do where she could write them and put them on an auto delay so they post themselves later! (But what I really want is to have posted them earlier - I wonder if blogspot can do THAT for me?!)

Leaving the house - difficult in a different way. But when I returned in late March from my trip to the States I realized that it is hard for me to leave the apartment here, quite a bit more difficult than it was to leave whatever place I was staying in the States. Why? Why?

Because we're so many floors up?
Because once I get outside it is so far to anywhere?
Because before I can go anywhere at all I usually have to put on so many clothes, and then make sure I have so many things (bus pass; money; cell phone; house keys; then, quite often: city map; notebook; something to read, all because I'm going to have to go so far to get anywhere and I never know what might happen; often also snacks of various kinds, also sometimes even my laptop though not usually)?

For whatever reason it takes me forEVER to get going. And as my family knows, I often come back again at least once for something I realize, by the time I get all the way down to the bottom of the stairs, I have forgotten. But one trick I'm trying to learn is to just get suited up for the going out - if I wait and try to do other things first then the suiting up gets postponed and postponed, so I just start putting on the things I need for leaving the house.

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