Tuesday, April 14, 2009

children gone for 48 hours

The children have been restored to us but on Sunday Felix went home with Max to Max's shared apartment in hip and trendy Prenzlauer Berg (his apartment mates were away), and they had such a good time they never came back till this late afternoon, Tuesday. They had fun, ice cream, soccer, and waffles. We had fun too but no ice cream, soccer, or waffles. As I mentioned earlier, a nice long walk last night. We also watched three episodes of The West Wing. (Felix is in the second week of his two-week Easter vacation. We didn't celebrate Easter particularly except that I went for a nice extra-long jog in the Grunewald; we did celebrate Passover though, 9 family members on Wednesday night and 12 neighbors on Thursday night and father-in-law here Tuesday through Friday and by the end of it we were exhausted, though we were very happy with the Passover celebrations.)

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