Thursday, April 2, 2009

Play-reading group again

Last night was play-reading group at Sabine's, and I chose The Importance of Being Earnest because we needed something funny for April Fool's Day and just in general, right?

Anyway, it was great. There were 7 of us, and 9 parts but two very small indeed (the butler and the manservant, though I couldn't quite tell the functions of butler and manservant apart very well). Max and I were the only ones who hadn't ever read or seen the play performed - others had seen it, some of them, four or six times. Anna had even played Cecily (whose part I assigned her last night unknowing) already, in high school.

Because we're flipping from winter to spring, and because daylight saving time (which they call summer time here) has kicked in, Sabine's not-quite-attic apartment - at any rate, it's at the top of her very tall apartment building, right up under the eaves (I have no idea what eaves are but they seem to fit right there in that sentence!) - was flooded with afternoon light when we appeared at seven p.m., through her windows and streaming in onto and through her lovely balcony. (It had always been pitch black when we arrived before.) A lovely spread of things we'd brought to share (though Sabine really provides a lot and spoils us), fun reading, the poor smokers went out onto the balcony at the end because Sabine knows I have a hard time in a smoky room.

Sabine's six weeks post-knee-op and not quite supposed to be off her crutches yet but sometimes she can't quite stand it anymore. The spring air and light and beginning warmth are making everybody a little giddy. Max showed up in shorts and a T-shirt - even I had been getting looks and comments and all I did was wear sandals - next time we're going to read something in German. 

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elena said...

Lovely there under the eaves! PLEASE when you come back to Bloomington, we must begin a play-reading group! (Only not 1x a week.) I find it also very cool that even though Max now has his own apartment, he shows up at this event. That's fantastic! Let's launch here, next year, with The Importance...!