Sunday, November 23, 2008


Monday morning, November 24th (already?!)

• Friday night, beautiful lacy snow fell in Berlin so Saturday morning we woke up to snow on everything, kids went out for snowball fights.
• NaNoWriMo-wise, I'm at 39,024 words (out of 50,000 I need to write by Sunday night at midnight). Saturday afternoon I got on that train across Berlin again and went to write with my writing buddies. On the train discovered I'd forgotten my New Yorker, pulled out the laptop and started writing; man sitting next to me seemed to be reading over my shoulder. Hmmm?!! 
• Jogwise, been doing a little less. Hubby and I went for a shortish jog yesterday - his formerly broken toe is healing up. It's COLD outside now! And snow everywhere and a little ice so we're super careful. Might need to find an inside place.
• Got to babysit for my baby niece on Thursday - that was such a pleasure. 
• Less in touch with my friends and family in the States. Thinking about you all, truly I am. But the time difference is an obstacle, and keeping things going here does seem to take a little something.
• Took on an editorial job so I need to get cracking on that. After November 30th NaNo deadline I've got the Dec. 12th editorial one; after that I guess I'll be thinking about Christmas.
• Went to a wonderful soul concert last night, invited by my friend from the gospel choir weekend workshop. This was a pleasure, these people were good, and fun to look at (all dressed in their own individual interpretations of "black and white"), wildly varying soloists, 45-strong choir, mostly Germans singing in pretty darn good English. A Marvin Gaye song, a Stevie Wonder song, a lot of songs I didn't know. Fun to watch, listen, clap along, sing along a little under my breath so as not to bother my neighbors. 

I'm sure I'm leaving out something important. But I do have to sign off so I can write my micro family news blog and then a few thousand words and then go to work on my editorial job. Love y'all!

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