Sunday, November 16, 2008

dark and lethargic

It's feeling dark and lethargic in here, as Glenn used to say (or something like that). Husband #1 is off at a dinner I declined to attend because there had been a little too much being out. Son #1 is out with his cousin; son #2 I have just put to bed, which was a very nice time, and we read together.

Before that we did something fun, I had been looking to see whether we could see one of the movie versions of Emil und die Detektive online. (Emil und die Detektive is by Erich Kästner; it's for a slightly younger audience than Felix generally, and we read it to / with him two summers ago already, but he's reading it himself now with some reading to by us; because it's in German of course it's nice for him to have a little something easier to read, but of course then it's not as exciting so he gets a little bored.)

ANYway! Looking online, I found a hilarious 5-minute YouTube clip by some American kids taking a German class. They had watched all 3 movie versions and decided to make their own. Felix and I could barely understand it their accents were so unbelievably American! Here is the link:

(And here's how dedicated I am to your entertainment and amusement: I typed that in by hand because for some reason whenever I've tried to paste anything into this blog it hasn't worked.)

It's getting a little less lethargic in here though no less dark. It gets dark here at 4:30 p.m. now, I kid you not. Felix has been lighting a lot of candles; perhaps I will light myself some as well now.

More posts in a minute if I can continue to keep lethargy at bay!


Cynthia said...

Marie, I'm catching up with the blog and I was amused by Husband #1 reference in a sentence that begins with "Glenn". Is that your college beau Glenn? Are you, by the way, considering a husband #2? My advice: shop wisely!

miss you and envy your poetry and play groups. I think bowling on a Tuesday sounds pretty fun. Move back to Berkeley and I'll start us a league at the Albany Bowl!


hoping for better things said...

Cynthia dearest,

husband #1 reference was a bit of a wee joke, since I'm going around talking about son #1 and son #2, sis-in-law #1 and sis-in-law #2, that sort of thing. Also a reference to what my father used to say in deepest darkest Congo (OK, it was maybe deep but not dark at all, bright and green and wonderful Congo but sadly today horribly horribly wartorn) - anyway, back then a kind of daily life was possible, and jokes, and my father liked to introduce my mother as his first wife. (The implication there being not so much that she might become an ex I think but that there was also some tradition of multiple wives - my father also had to explain, periodically, why even though he appeared relatively "rich" in that context and could surely afford several, he still had made the choice to stick with one wife only.)

I, too, have decided that I can probably only afford one husband, especially in this economic climate.

Glenn is indeed college beau Glenn, who used to say "It's tired in here!" when he couldn't stand his lack of sleep anymore.

Thanks for writing!