Friday, November 7, 2008

jog log

I went out for 92 minutes today, 14151 steps, so over my 150 steps per minute good-slow-jog pace (that would have been 13800 steps).

For the first 10 minutes or so I felt stiff and bored and yuck. At 12 minutes out I looked at my pedometer, found out it was 12 minutes, and also that I'd gone 1800 steps, so I was pleased that I was right at my 150-step pace. I felt good and in a groove from there on.

At about 30 minutes my left knee started hurting a little.  (I was wearing my new running shoes which I had worn so far for one 45-minute jog and one evening of walking around.) But within a couple of minutes the hurting went away and the groove kicked back in till the end.

Also at about 30 minutes I discovered an ice skating rink, and then I discovered a red clay track next to it. So I jogged around the outside of the whole complex, around the sort of overlooking road above the track and above the rink, and then circled back again, found my way down to the track itself, and took 5 laps there, and then got back up to the road and came home!

Because I got a slow start this morning (lost in the world wide web, then lost in the trashy novel) I had revised my original plan of going 2 hours to going maybe an hour or so tops. But it was good to be in the groove, and weirdly, paradoxically, going around the track felt like a huge lift out of tedium! Who knew?! I was totally inspired by going around the track. And by the time I was done there I'd been out 58 minutes and it was about half an hour back so there was at that point no question I'd be out longer.

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