Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weight Woes

didn't find a decent / reasonable Advent calendar for Felix with nice pictures and good milk chocolate behind the windows you open (there were kinds with wonderful chocolate but not milk chocolate) - in fact I spent most of a morning wandering around stores looking/thinking about this but nooooooo; a. lots were sold out already (the kind with Legos and stuff); b. lots had fancier chocolate as I said, not milk; c. I got overwhelmed there was so much stuff.

So I got a very nice plain Advent calendar with three little kids dressed as an angel, a shepherd, and a Virgin Mary with baby, iillustrated by Quentin Blake who does the Roald Dahl books, and then I got all kinds of chocolate, milk for Felix and other kinds for other family members, and put them in a bag in a safe hiding place and put out a bowl to put new things in every day.

Well, if you know a little bit about me maybe this wasn't so great. Last night I felt awful and had gained, again, 3 kilos (it's the same 3 kilos over and over again, fortunately, but still it is tiresome). Today I've sworn it's no chocolate at all and fruits and vegetables like there's no tomorrow. Hope it works!

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