Thursday, December 4, 2008


Friday morning December 5th

darn it! for sis-o-mine's yesterday birthday I had, on Monday, ordered online a Scandinavian Advent candle with days marked on it and every day the family sits together while the candle burns down one day's markings worth. She'd wished for it and hadn't found, so I was especially pleased to have found it for her - and to have it sent from the States to the States while I sit here in Berlin.

But nooo, this morning I had e-mail that they had tried to call me in the States, where I am not, to say that the candle holder I had ordered to go with it was out of stock, so they were sitting on the candle too. So instead of lovely going-together set, with wooden calendar numbers for the days of Advent, happily arriving at my sister's house in plenty of time for birthday, instead there is just lone candle, arriving late.

(It's OK, I wrote sister all of this already so no untoward secrets are revealed in blog.)

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