Thursday, December 4, 2008

Movies we've seen

with hubby and sis-in-law last weekend, Pazar: a movie in Turkish that we saw with German subtitles. A small-time hustler wandering out in the Azerbaijani hinterlands. some glorious landscapes and some wonderful characters onstage.

with Felix night before last: Quantum of Solace, in the original English. You may have heard of it. Most recent James Bond film. Ever since my marriage almost imploded in 1995 I have been able to watch violent films. The male members of my immediate family tell me James bond movies aren't real violence, but it looks like real violence to me, but no matter, I can watch it now.

Felix has no trouble watching it, now why is that? Anyway, we had a good time. Wonderfully sumptuous big movie theater, plush seats, assigned seating, and they gave him an Advent calendar, with chocolate inside no less, promoting some movie or other. He was thrilled with that. After I went to all that trouble wandering around town looking for one for him!

I ask you. But that's what we've been to see in the last bit.

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