Tuesday, March 17, 2009

will this be the day . . .

that I actually write a short post?

Conditions are perfect: it's late; I'm tired; my parents are tired and wanting to turn in too. So the main things I want to say are these:

elder hostel!
steamed vegetables!

There. I'm done. OK, just a teeny bit of explanation and then I'm done - last night we went out to supper with Aunt Virginia at Marie Callender's (which is a chain restaurant). I ordered the plate of steamed vegetables (with tomato vinaigrette on the side) - turned out to be a yeeeenormous plate of exactly that, largeish pieces of steamed vegetables (way too large for my mouth, which isn't exactly dainty) - almost all quite underdone except for the way overdone half-ear of corn. I am not complaining - thrilled to find such a thing on the menu in my weight watchery travels throughout the world - generally I have to stay home and eat by myself to make it work but here I was out in the world, ordering off a menu, eating, and all that good stuff. Can I just say though that I have never had such almost-raw potatoes? (And they had the weirdest two-tone color where the skin might have been.) Fascinating.

Anyway. And elder hostel. Aunt Virginia told us about wonderful elder hostels she has been to with various friends and (once) alone - do you know about this excellent institution? Once you're over a certain age you can go and take classes all over the country and possibly beyond; stay on college campuses and campgrounds and who knows where else; go off for a week of theater, or a week of climbing, or a week of learning about religion - and it's affordable and elder-centered. It was a lot of fun to hear about. Last year she and Uncle Phil went to one that was all about going to plays and she's still enjoying the memories of the plays (no, I cannot at this moment recall the names of the plays NOR the name of the place).

There. Done. Shortish post - and around the world my sister is off Texas-camping in the morning with my niece and nephew, my sons in Berlin are preparing for a weeklong class trip (Felix) and a two-month-long trip to Bangalore (Max); hubby is planning a little trip to Paris with Max before he goes off to Bangalore; in Bloomington Maksim is recovering (I hope) from an ear infection and Alex is getting her eyes back to normal, Ellen is blogging and Susan, I hope you are reading this!? Hello and lots of love from California.

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