Monday, March 16, 2009

day 5 in Claremont already!

well, the time's flying by. My knee isn't perfect after all - felt fine all Saturday after Saturday's jog/walk but after Sunday's walk it twinged. Today's jog - we'll see. I'll take it easy.

I am just so appreciating this place that means my parents are not, cannot be, will not be isolated. There is a community weaving itself day by day, announcement by announcement at the dinnertime mike, step by step all over the campus as people check on each other, watch out for each other, bother each other, help each other. Sometimes they even annoy each other, but surely that's part of it too!

Read a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich - I could swear I'd read at least one before and been underwhelmed, but this one made me laugh a lot (Hard Eight, for what it's worth). Found it on the shelf next to the assisted-living mail center, near where my mother and I have been putting 5 to 20 puzzle pieces daily into the Rockwellesque puzzle of kids on a tree, on a bench with a doctor's kit, holding a doll, golden retriever watching and panting.

We sang some hymns yesterday - old style with my father singing bass and playing tenor on the 'cello, my mother singing sometimes alto and sometimes soprano to prop me up, and me with my wobbly soprano that does make me sad because it ain't even a shadow of what it used to was. Missing: my sister who could do alto or tenor depending on what was needed. She called in the middle and we thought about doing it over the phone but a little tricky.

Played so far: Chinese Checkers; Boggle; Scrabble; Quiddler. Gorgeous cool weather here. It's Southern California, but it's the desert, so mornings and evenings are always cool.

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elena said...

I really enjoyed reading this account, and can almost picture you there, at the puzzle board! Thanks, Marie.