Sunday, March 29, 2009

got another first name wrong!

what is it with me and the first names? Please make that Janet Evanovich in the last blog post. I knew it was iffy when I wrote Sue but then it seemed right after all - and somehow, even though I was sitting in the cold sunshine facing the colorful parrots in their outdoor pyramidal page, in the internet glow I had wangled free from some Berlin tourist spot that gives you two hours at a time if you ask nicely and sign up, I found out - even though I was doing all that, and had to be doing all that, in fact, because otherwise how could I be blogging? - I still forgot I could use that very same incomprehensibly powerful internet glow to go find out the woman's actual first name. 

So - I was going to fix it anyway but dear and loyal reader Kim from Hamburg reminded me with a lovely note yesterday - she enjoyed all the Stephanie Plum (Evanovich's heroine) years ago. And actually I read book number two in the last few days and enjoyed it tremendously. So maybe I just have to go looking for number three somewhere here in Berlin (a little tricky) and keep plowing through.

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