Wednesday, January 28, 2009

p.s. to lady poets

oh and then it quickly becomes clear to me that most everybody there is lesbian, and so then I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that I'm married to a man, so I kind of keep my mouth shut about myself most of the evening - till then I finally say, well, in fact, I'm married, and to a man, and this is our family's story and then of course I spill it all out and the one woman I'm talking to at this point (general conversation had given way to individual conversations) had of course no problem with it and we had a lovely chat.

The harder part in fact for me to deal with finally was the esoterica factor, witch camp and astrology readings and "the things that happen in your cells generally are a result of emotional issues" - so I just listened to that part. Although I must say witch camp sounded kind of interesting, where you get naked and cover yourself in clay and don't get to say anything and run around being awesome and gleaming and silent till everybody jumps in the lake again and suddenly your girlfriend who couldn't recognize you before can recognize you again.

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