Thursday, January 29, 2009

and more about lady poets

Thursday night

Felix stayed home from school again today but is pretty sure he's going tomorrow. Then after tomorrow there's a one-week winter break, so he shouldn't be too overloaded with school.

I wanted to say about last night and the lady poets also that riding across Berlin on the top of my own personal double-decker bus I was just thinking how amazing it is, how big-city magical, that I can find some people online and go riding across town to an unknown cafe and arrive there at a time when these other women are arriving there too, and then we all sit down together and write for a while, unknown to each other before, suddenly in some way communicating, cooperating. Truly big-city magic.

Also in addition I wanted to say an interesting thing about my group last night was that we were six middle-aged women and one woman 27 going on 28 (came up because we were talking about life cycles of 7 years), and it was the 27-going-on-28-year-old who had called this group to life, and who made it happen. Reminded me also that in my play-reading group (which is every Wednesday but was canceled this Wednesday because our lady-leader was away, fortunately for me because then I could go unconflicted to the poetry group!), our lady-leader just minutes (okay, days) ago turned 24, and the rest of us are at least a little older. But she's brash and brave and makes it happen, just like the 27-going-on-28-year-old poet leader, and it's wonderful to be a little old middle-aged lady that I am and go trotting off to these various groups and allow myself to be managed and directed by the brave young women. I am enjoying it! It's so much fun to be middle-aged!

(Then there was also some very interesting tension with one new person in the group last night, not me, where the chemistry between her and our fearless leader was just not working, and it was a little painful to watch, but later after the complicated new person left, at the end of the evening, those remaining talked to the leader about it and she was wonderful talking about how she tries to lead while being a peer, and while being honest, and keeping her integrity, and speaking from the I position, and staying cool. A level of self-awareness I was kind of in awe of.)

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