Tuesday, January 27, 2009

children loud, hard to think!

Dear Susan S. in Bloomington recovering in intensive care from your accident, I am so much thinking about you and when you are up and about and reading this I wanted you to know that.

It is Tuesday night in Berlin, Felix is sick in bed where he's been since Sunday, fever, ears, stomach, sniffles. Today though he was reading the German translation of Matilda to himself, whereas yesterday I had to read it to him, so I think he is starting to get better.

Felix's big brother, aka Max, is standing above him on the sickbed so as to see what Felix is doing with the little labyrinth bead maze in a box (modeled on the big one they played with all the time at your house in the summer, Lyndie Lou), without getting sick by being any closer. Max's head is touching the ceiling and they are making a large amount of noise.

Susan, when you are better and reading this, you asked what Max is up to and it's this: this week working for his uncle again, driving around Berlin delivering flowers. Today was very happy to get a 5-euro tip from somebody. As of next week, working at a patisserie 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. And as of next Monday or the following Monday hoping to move into a group apartment closer to the patisserie job. He has one option already and tomorrow is going to look at another possibility.

Aside from Felix we are otherwise very well. I made a whole plan, after having gained a large-ish amount of weight over a while, to lose 6 and a half kilos over 12 weeks, starting three weeks ago. (This was starting from 88 kilos with my shoes on, also two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, due to how cold it was.)

Over the last 3 weeks I have lost 4 kilos so I am way ahead of schedule; so far I've continued to go on with the two pairs of pants and two pairs of socks (also a couple of sweaters etc. under my coat but those I take off before I get on the scales) but eventually those might come off which will of course help. At 82 kilos I'm considered to be at goal weight.

Anyway. I'm so enjoying my different writing projects. More about the groups later but tomorrow night it's a women's poetry group, I'm very looking forward to that. And I'm continuing with the daily haiku exercise and daily action writing exercise. Maybe I'll post some.

Fanny the adorable baby niece is now almost 20 months old, is that possible? Talking more and more, she lets me read to her for long periods of time bless her heart, loves to play with Felix (whom she calls "Helix" for some unknown reason; herself she calls "Fanny" not "Hanny").

A shout-out to the cousins in Austin, and their mother: may you all be well again soon. 

And Susan, though I know you are not reading this now, you are so very much in my thoughts!

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