Monday, July 6, 2009

The fifteen-minute post

Help, what do I write about? Three of the fifteen minutes are already gone what with pages taking time to load, and then me rereading my last few posts to reorient myself.

But seriously, there's too much. So I'll race through it all.

1. We have less than 4 weeks left in Berlin.
2. Since last Thursday I've been going to the local lake, clothing-optional, almost daily, enjoying myself TREMENDOUSLY naked in the cool water.
3. Had a lovely birthday on July 1st - took my whole family to play-reading group where my old friend Sabine was so very thoughtful about my birthday and my weight watching self that she set up 48 tea light candles in the shape of an M with a circle around them so I wouldn't have to deal with a cake - it was lovely, and we read Oedipus Rex, which I had been wanting to read and I only hesitated about since I was there with my husband and two sons, but I was assured by various people we should go ahead, and I took care not to assign the parts in any way so that anyone would think about my family matching up with the people there which we don't anyway. It's fun to read out loud together, and Felix is really good at reading out loud, and having some people read chorally is also always a very cool effect. And the balcony at Sabine's is a wonderful place to hang out in the evenings.
4. Max was here in between his two months in India (already past) and his one month in Costa Rica (started last night or this morning basically) - wonderful to see him, he brought his mother a gorgeous green silk sari he had made for me in India (he "had it made", not anterior past of "he made"), he was alive and bustling and full of plans and then he left again and we're catching our breath.
5. Felix's school is supposed to go through next week but now they're just going on outings every day . . . 

Anyway, what's truly wonderful, what I would like to say, is that the lake the lake, the lake. I want to go there every day, I have been there every day except Sunday when it just didn't fit in at all. I can walk there (with or without my ten-kilo weight vest on) in 40 minutes, or jog there in about 30, or bike there in maybe 20 or 15 I think, and then I can strip and jump in the water and swim.

It's an hommage to the summer of 83 when hubby (then boyfriend) and I went there every day because we didn't have bathing suits.

It's a way to cool off because now it's finally HOT here.

It's a curiosity to my American eyes, this big very very very overgrown, long-grassy meadow with naked and very tan middle-aged to old German people lying around in small groups (one, most often two, sometimes three or four) on towels, and occasionally getting up to stretch or roll over or stroll to the lake - there are three sandy entrances, one of which generally has lots of little kids digging in the late afternoon. There's a raft in the middle of the lake (it's a cute and pretty small lake) where in the afternoons teenagers tend to congregate, with bathing suits on. There's a 


I can't do it. The fifteen minute dinged, I wrote a little longer because I had stopped briefly to make tea so it seemed fair enough, but then family noise intruded (Felix joined Facebook today and is having a busy time of it) and I had to stop, and now I have been to Monday night poetry group and returned again, done some Facebooking of my own, and I'm going to declare tonight's blog post over and more later. Can you tell I LOVE my lake? I love it. It will make it that much harder to leave Berlin.

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