Sunday, September 28, 2008

things I want to write about

first and foremost: what this is. what I'm doing here. why I'm doing it. who it's for.


as I already said, 

Felix's school's parents' info night
going places on the bus
the figure I cut when I shop

and also:

• weight watchers and me: what's going on, how it's different here in Berlin, why the last few days have suddenly been so successful after so much trouble . . .
• books and reading and what I'm reading
• posts for individual people
• walking in Berlin
• grocery shopping in Berlin (above and beyond what I *look* like)
• thoughts on writing
• thoughs on absence, on distance, on foreignness

Enough for now. I want to think about #1 above, first and foremost, first.


Touchyfeely said...

I love the list of topics and can't wait to read about them.
-- Michel

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